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One Pixel Motion is a boutique digital branding studio specializing in Motion Design and Interactive Media. We recognize that behind every successful brand is a story; our job is to absorb your brand's story and translate it into moving images and interactive media. In short, we make your brand's story come alive.
We are a collective of award-winning directors, animators, illustrators, VFX artists, writers, tech gurus, and marketeers, all addicted to giving our clients the best. We live and die by the mantra that if even one pixel is off, it is not good enough.
Our multitalented team is prepared to provide the creative juice, careful craftsmanship, and problem-solving skills needed to execute successful projects across all different mediums.
Whether it's a television show opening, an animated DVD menu, a trailer, a film's opening title sequence, game design, or just a plain old animated logo you need, we've done it all. You may have heard of some of our past clients-brands such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Nike, and Sony and properties such as "24" and "The Amazing Race."
For larger projects, we have a sister studio in Beijing that specializes in all kinds of cool nerdy stuff like 3D modeling, animation, rigging, rotoscoping, texturing, cinematics and digital effects.
Sidenote: We also have a passion for original film production. Ask us about what we have in the works, or shoot us an email if you want to discuss an idea over coffee.